10 Ways to Improve Productivity in the Workplace


In the working office, keeping work productivity high translates to more work being done and leads to an increase in revenue. Many companies struggle with this aspect, which can impact job satisfaction for employees and income for the business. 

Whether it’s in relation to your office fitout, workload, or employees, there are many areas that have the potential for increasing productivity. In this article, we will look at 10 ways you can improve productivity in the workplace. 

1. Clear Open Communication Channels



2. Make Team Members Feel Valued



3. Create an Attractive, Inspiring Work Environment




4. Increase Natural Light

The office employees work in matters more than many people think when it comes to employee productivity. Studies have shown that increased natural light in an office is directly correlated to increased productivity and increased employee satisfaction.

Introducing natural light into your office space can be done in a number of ways, such as windows, skylights, and mirrors. If you’re looking to add some natural light, consider where you want to have it, as you don’t want to put too much light into your workers’ eyes and have the opposite effect.

5. Place Natural Plants Around the Office

Just like natural light, putting plant life around your office space will provide a more welcoming environment for staff. Little touches of nature throughout an indoor space – from larger leafy plants to smaller cacti – make employees feel more comfortable performing their work, letting them complete tasks more effectively.

Plants can also clean the air in an office by removing pollutants, and it has been shown that this can provide reduced tension and anxiety amongst workers.

6. Build Relationships with Your Staff

Being in a managerial position – as with any position in a business – comes with its pros and cons. One aspect of being a manager is that you will find that staff may be intimidated by – or even afraid of – you since their job relies on performing tasks you assign. A great way to increase workplace productivity is to build relationships with your team to rid those fears.

If you show interest in and care for your team, employee productivity is sure to rise. This means not just in the work they’re performing, but in other aspects of their life that they’re willing to discuss. While you do need to be a boss, be sure to also be a friend where you can.

7. Maintain Your Equipment

One of the most frustrating things that can occur in the workplace is when employees can’t perform their work due to faulty equipment. Whether it’s office equipment such as computers and printers, or agricultural equipment and machinery, when things don’t work tasks can’t be done – and employees won’t be happy.

Make sure to have a set frequency where you check up on office equipment to make sure it’s operating efficiently. Also, be sure to take note when a staff member comes to you with a problem regarding any business supplies. Good office equipment makes for increasing productivity.

8. Provide Ergonomic Workstations

For office employees that work at a desk for the majority – if not all – of their day, having a comfortable workstation will make a world of difference for workers. If your office chairs are of poor quality, they can cause your team to suffer from arm aches, neck aches, and backaches.

Introducing ergonomic work chairs into your workspace will help employees feel much more comfortable for longer periods of time, making them more likely to complete more tasks quicker.

9. Offer Personal Incentives to Boost Motivation

When it comes to keeping employees motivated, appealing to the interests of your team is paramount – and offering personal incentives is an excellent way to do so. Incentives don’t have to be anything highly expensive or lucrative, but just something simple and nice that can be a nice reward for hard work.

You do have to be careful with such rewards, as promoting these too often can create a work crunch culture. However, if you keep incentives to a reasonable level, it can be just the right motivation boost that your team members can benefit from, driving them to be more productive.

10. Track Time for Tasks and Set Clear Objectives/Goals

When work tasks are disorganised or not in any sort of cohesive format, it becomes a lot harder to focus as the end result is hard to picture. Complex and simple tasks alike can be a lot easier to work on effectively when they’re put on a to-do list – this allows you to see how many tasks you have in the pipeline and you can set clear goals for yourself.

When you then also keep track of the time spent on your task, you can better determine the amount of time it takes for you to complete said task. This will allow you and your team to determine what work requires either more or less time, further boosting productivity.

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