man and lady using a calculator to budget for a shop renovation

10 Ways to Improve Productivity in the Workplace

In the working office, keeping work productivity high translates to more work being done and leads to an increase in revenue. Many companies struggle with this aspect, which can impact job satisfaction for employees and income for the business.  Whether …

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dental office renovation

5 Dental Office Renovation Ideas

Renovating your old dental office can help create a positive patient experience and improve functionality for staff. Major renovations to your dental office can help achieve a unique, impressive design, while even simple DIY changes can have a big impact.  …

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the boardroom of an office fitout project in Perth

Case Study: Chung Wah Association’s Northbridge Office Refurbishment

A carefully planned office fitout design is important for any organisation.  Not only does it create a good impression for staff and clients alike, but it can spark positivity and motivation – and, in turn, boost productivity. As multiple studies …

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modern city office fitout

Office Ergonomics Checklist

Ergonomics boosts workplace efficiency through intentional design. When looking to enhance workplace ergonomics, employers can improve employee workstations, software systems and company processes. Employers and workers can achieve this by arranging a new office fitout or making some DIY changes …

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one of the best office fitouts in the world is the Vodafone office building

10 of the World’s Best Office Fitouts

Today’s world is rapidly evolving, and it’s becoming more and more complex as workplaces move towards being entirely digitally connected. Companies need to rely on critical components such as flexibility and agility to increase growth and stay on top of …

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white tables and chairs at a cafe

5 Tips for a Cafe Renovation on a Budget

People love going to cafés and being emersed in a unique or trendy space. When sitting in a café, people want to have a few moments of peace with their coffee (and their great company!) away from their busy lives …

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