one of the best office fitouts in the world is the Vodafone office building

10 of the World’s Best Office Fitouts

Today’s world is rapidly evolving, and it’s becoming more and more complex as workplaces move towards being entirely digitally connected. Companies need to rely on critical components such as flexibility and agility to increase growth and stay on top of …

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white tables and chairs at a cafe

5 Tips for a Cafe Renovation on a Budget

People love going to cafés and being emersed in a unique or trendy space. When sitting in a café, people want to have a few moments of peace with their coffee (and their great company!) away from their busy lives …

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man and lady looking at plans for a shop renovation project

Shop Renovations: The Dos and Don’ts

Most shop owners have a trepid approach towards shop renovations, and almost always, the reason behind that fear is the cost.  When you buy certain things, you understand that they won’t be worth even half of their original price down …

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space planning was utilised for this cafe fitout design

Space Planning: What is it & Why Do I Need it?

Have you ever stopped to think about how functional the space is in your home – and how easy it is to navigate? Or how foot traffic flows in shops, restaurants and office spaces?  As you might have guessed, an …

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Small Office Renovation Idea

Small Office Renovation Ideas: 10 Top Tips

Remodelling your office can do wonders for employee productivity and efficiency. While a small office space can present certain challenges, there are ways around this. We’ve put together some of our top small office renovation ideas to make the most …

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Restaurant interior design which includes an open kitchen

Restaurant Interior Design Trends for 2021

Nobody could have foreseen the challenges that 2020 brought us, with the ongoing pandemic. As far as the restaurant and food industry are concerned, they had to go through a complete overhaul to adapt to all the recent developments.  Restaurant …

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