Commercial Office Renovation Ideas: Our Top 6 Hacks

It never fails.

Whether it’s a little tweak here and there, a customary makeover, or a complete and total overhaul, there will come a time when every commercial office space needs a facelift.

The trouble is that the potentially astronomical expenditure turn off many business owners who are trying to reduce overheads, despite being abundantly aware that their spaces need a “whole lotta love.”

Many business owners put renovations off year after year after year until the interiors and facade give stepping into the past a whole new meaning. It’s like walking inside a time capsule from 1975.

We’ll let you in on a secret: renovating your commercial office space doesn’t need to cost you a new mortgage.

Contrary to what some might think, commercial office buildings don’t have to look so grey, flat, and industrial just because you’re on a strict budget. A great office space involves creating an environment that will drive productivity and promote creative , whilst meeting your aesthetic requirements. As we will see, you can achieve that goal even on a tight budget.

With the right partner and some tactical planning in advance, you’d be amazed at how drastically different your office space might look.

We’re giving you six commercial office renovation ideas you can create on a tight budget that will significantly enhance the look, feel, and vibe of your office.

1. Silence, please!

A noisy workspace can reduce employee productivity by as much as 66%. It’s a good thing, therefore, that acoustic panels offer an affordable and quick solution to reducing echo or sound resonance. Just hang them around any room and hear them work their magic. Furthermore, acoustic panels are available for purchase in various shapes and sizes for more customizability.

2. Add a dash of colour

We all know how important the role of colour is in influencing moods and impacting them. A drab, colourless workplace exudes a vibe of sterility, making it more difficult for employees to get pumped up for the day ahead.

Adding the right dash of colour – in small or large doses –can boost morale and drive productivity. However, be mindful of your company’s image and be sure to select a colour palette which aligns with your brand.

3. Set boundaries (literally)

Office partitions were designed to maximize floor space whilst giving employees a sense of autonomy and privacy.

Despite the prevalence of open-plan offices nowadays, office partitions have seemingly become even more popular. Unsurprisingly, more and more employers are striving to provide their employees with an array of working environments to suit their various needs.

Oh, and office partitions that are drab and soul-destroying, reminiscent of the cubicle jungles lit by busted fluorescent light, are no longer in vogue.

Partitions are now available in a vast range of different styles, each providing a distinct aesthetic and vibe which not only complements the overall style of your office, but also defines the purpose of each space.

4. Tune into nature and go green

a good commercial office renovation idea is to add plants

Employees are humans. And humans, by nature, instinctively desire a connection with nature and organic life. Guess what? Desk workers in Australia spend an average of 40 hours per week jammed up in the office. And offices aren’t exactly places that are associated with getting in touch with the natural world.

Whilst others might think that the whole indoor plant craze has gone a little too far, having plenty of indoor plants in an office space brings home many benefits.

Indoor plants improve the environment by producing clean oxygen and filtering chemicals from the indoor air. Additionally, the colour green itself has psychologically calming benefits.

A recent study has shown introducing indoor plants’ in a workplace reduced employee stress by as much as 50% and had a knock-on effect on absenteeism. When workers feel connected to nature, they have a higher sense of well-being.

The truth is, these days, aesthetics are crucial when it comes to attracting both clients and talent. Introducing plants into the workplace is an incredibly affordable way to help attract and maintain the cream of the crop. So, make greenery part and parcel of your commercial office renovation.

5. Turn up the sun

There’s nothing worse than working in an office that feels more like your grandfather’s attic. It’s grey, opaque, desolate, and totally unexciting.

Now, just before you head over to buy more fluorescent lighting fixtures, STOP. Your budget would be better spent investing in skylights and installing more windows.

Just a little sunlight brightens the office – and in doing so, it brightens up employee moods as well. Natural light boosts employee well-being and productivity by bringing nature straight to them.

Now, before you protest and say that custom skylights and windows will set your budget back more than generic ones will, putting them up in the right place can actually save you money on your electricity bill. We consider them a brilliant investment. Plus, we’re sure you’ll catch some pleasant views.

6. Buy the right furniture

Our final commercial office renovation idea comes down to furniture. Incorporating the perfect furniture and workstations into your office space is crucial to your renovation. That’s because furniture either supports or works against the workflow of your day-to-day operations.

Quality office furniture needs to be functional, dynamic, and aesthetically pleasing. An ideal renovation job should support employee needs, as well as the constantly evolving needs of the business.

And quality office furniture doesn’t need to exhaust your budget. We work with the best suppliers to provide our clients with the best-priced solutions for their renovation plans.

Getting those creative juices flowing? Feeling inspired? Let’s get started.

There is plenty of research showing that aesthetically pleasing workspaces contribute to employees mental health and well-being, whilst increasing productivity. 

However, so many business owners in Australia are sacrificing the quality of their renovation and office fitouts in a misguided attempt to save as much money as possible.

We’ve been in the business for a while – and our team has a track record of delivering superior results at a fair, reasonable price. We pride ourselves on communicating and working in close contact with our clients, to ensure that their ideas are brought to life on time, on target, and on budget.

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